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31/01 - Lovebites @ Westmall
01/02 - Lovebites @ Westmall
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05/02 - Catherine Lim visits NTU!
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07/02 - BP-Mentoring
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08/02 - NTU Bike Rally
09/02 - ISRG Boggle Prelims
12/02 - OCS Social Nite
13/02 - ISRG Scrabble Semi/Finals
14/02 - Valentine's Day
18/02 - ISRG Boggle Semi/Finals
20/02 - Hall X One Night Stand
28/02 - Hall X Cultural Nite @ NYGH
29/02 - Hall X Bike X @ Ubin

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Monday, February 23, 2004
Moved... Again!

I've moved my blog yet again. To fans who have seen me through all 3 blogs, from easyjournal to blogdrive and now to blogspot, I thank you. Do update my URL in your links! Thanks!

---> New Blog <---

Posted at 2/23/2004 10:09:08 pm by daphne
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Saturday, February 21, 2004
Do you know how it feels...?

Do you know how it feels to suddenly realise that you’re in love with someone?

It’s like having known always, but just never admitting it in your conscious mind.

Suddenly you’re liberated by the truth.


Do you know how it feels to have someone hold you in his arms after you’ve made love?

It’s like being a baby all over again, nestled in the warmth of the one who wants to protect you forever.

Suddenly, nothing else matters anymore.


But do you also know…?


Do you also know how it feels to have someone promise he’ll call, but he never does?

It’s like anticipating that birthday gift from someone who has forgotten all about it.

Suddenly, your heart shatters with realisation.


- Source unknown -

Posted at 2/21/2004 12:55:34 pm by daphne
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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Hock Chai...

Dear fellow PJC-ians...

Our 00S01 senior / 1st council vice president, Lim Hock Chai, has passed away. The cremation was held today at Mt Vernon.

He was a good friend. He was one with a bright future...

Let's remember him and his family in our prayers this week...

Posted at 2/18/2004 3:59:24 pm by daphne
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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Have you ever gotten that feeling...?

Of wanting to run away from your life? Because you're not in control of it? Because you're just so tired of being nice? Because you don't know how to say no? Because everyone else exploits you?

I wanna run away. Right now.

Posted at 2/17/2004 11:05:58 pm by daphne
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Monday, February 16, 2004
Horror of Horrors!

The tables are in, and my room looks like a hurricane just went through. Take a look.


Anyway. This is a nightmare. Guangyi came down to help me re-assemble my computer (I swear I know nuts about cables and plugs). Thank You, Guangyi. You're the best!

Need to go send Jing off at Changi later. Argh. This is a bad day. On top of being stressed, I'll have another emotional breakdown tonight. I've totally skipped school today, in case you haven't noticed. Oh someone, kill me. Thank God for people like Ying Ying, though, who has offered to pick me up on her way to the airport tonight. I love you, babe! *mwah!*

I need to clean up my room (duh!) but I really don't know where to start. Argh. I feel the headache coming on again. I think I'll have another of those yummy eclairs.

Posted at 2/16/2004 3:18:28 pm by daphne
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Yummilicious chocolate eclairs

*gasps* I'm a bad girl. I really am! I just ate 2 chocolate eclairs at one go!

Thank You, Lester, for the very yummilicious V-Day present! *smiles happily*

Posted at 2/16/2004 9:51:28 am by daphne
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New desks = Cleaning up old ones = Headache

Here I am, up at strange hours of the morning, cleaning up. Hall office is going to bring in new tables today, so we have to clear up everything's that in and on the tables. I really don't know where to start. This is the ultimate nightmare.

Am gonna return Steff her table (but I have no idea how I'm gonna do that singlehandedly either) cos she gave me hers a few weeks back. Was supposed to clean up last night, but I fell asleep.

Wenquan gave me a morning call a few minutes ago, to remind me. So here I am. Groggy and angry. I have had so many things to do recently.

I've backslided in my spiritual life. Yes, me who has promised to not take God for granted. I haven't been to church since... I cannot even remember when. Oh, since Marina-steamboat-Sunday. This is bad. That was weeks ago. Will go for service this Sunday, hopefully. And maybe for Pst Ulf Ekman's conference this Thursday. Hope nothing crops up again. I miss church and W146!

Thank you, Fa Jin, for reminding me yesterday, that I haven't been to church in a long while. Thank You, Edwin, for messaging me to remind me to pray. Thank You, Mel, for reminding me about my goals. Thank You, Sharon, for being so patient. Thank You, Wei Li, for always being there.

Sorry I've let you guys down. *sighs* I'll be better, I promise.

Posted at 2/16/2004 6:26:35 am by daphne
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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Long time since I last updated.

07 Feb - Went out with PJC class 01S01... Me, Jess, Kianne, Yihui, Audrey, Crystal, Sean, Kim Pern, Ben, Soon Kwan, James, Benny. It reminded me why I miss JC so much. I love my class! They've been there for me so many times, to pick me up when I couldn't go on anymore. We made this photo-frame thingie for Jess, cos she's leaving on the 12th.

08 Feb - NTU Bike Rally... It was fun fun fun. Next year I wanna participate instead of being static marshal only! Had JCRC meeting after I got back. It was a long meeting. Came back to my room and had lots of work to do. Finished it really late. Something like, 3am? Had classes at 9:30am the next morning.

09 Feb - School was boring. Came back during the break and wanted to take a nap, but had many other JCRC stuff to do, so continued doing them. Finally managed to finalize the Hall X Cultural Nites tickets design for printing. The printing company was very efficient, though. Everything will be done by Thursday afternoon.

10 Feb - Had a long day at school. Went out with Leonora and Elaine, for dinner at JP. Leo and I also went to shop for shoes for OCS Social Nite! Hehe. Found out that Leo was going for the same one also, with Tim!

11 Feb - Social Nite was on board the Falcon Princess dinner-cruise ship! It was beautiful out at sea! My dress turned out alright. Sandy (his nickname, haha) was a great date. He said all the right things, introduced me to his friends, was a perfect gentleman. He amused me alot too. And I got sabo-ed twice! I bet I was the only person on board to have been so unlucky! Anyway, due to my most embarassing performance as rock band lead singer, I will never be able to show my face again at OCS Tango Wing. Sandy sent me home all the way to NTU altho his home was in Simei. Was touched.

12 Feb - Went to collect the Cultural Nite Tix from Swiftprint, at Redhill. I went to the airport alone to send Jess off, but was too early. So I went shopping at the airport! When Jess came with her family, she checked her luggage in, then we all went for dinner. I gave her the present that I got her. It's a dream-weaver (those native American tribes ones) and a butterfly choker which I made myself. Okay lah, it wasn't that much of a difficult task, but I chose the materials! Hmm... the dream-weaver thing is suppsed to symbolise new dreams that I want her to have. She's been through alot. Wanted to get that for Jing too, who's leaving on Monday, but decided not to. Anyway, I cried saying my goodbyes. I'm seriously gonna miss that girl. We've been through alot, eh, girl? Have yet to hear from her, but I hope she's settling in fine. Her parents are great. Didn't feel awkward at all. Her youngest bro is a cutie. He's 13! Missed hall supper cum hall bash. But had to clean up the mess afterwards anyway. Was quite pissed, but it's my duty, so I can't complain about it.

13 Feb - Hangover from Jess' departure. Went out to Sixth Avenue with the council to have Gelato. Audrey, Jing, Jasline, Shang, Nick, Kelly! I miss Kelly! Haven't seen him in a long time. Miss his hugs and kisses! Haha. He's a great pal. We used to study alot together during JC. Remember studying at Holland V's Coffee Bean with him, eating Caesar's Salad with smoked salmon! Yum. Anyway, after that, I went to Raffles Place to meet up with the JCRC (Cheek, Ni, Shevonne, Hong Keng, Wei Jun) to do a recce for One Night Stand. We went around the Boat Quay / Clarke Quay area. Throat started to hurt. Went to a prata place but I didn't eat, then walked around, went to Coffee Bean also. I had a Caesar's Salad! Yum. Went to watch the MTV Singapore Bungee thing. I really wanted to try it, but my skirt was too short, and Ni didn't wanna exchange her pants for my skirt! Begged her, but she wouldn't budge. For the uninitiated, well, Ni just doesn't wear skirts. Went to a Jazz bar to chill. They had a live jazz band. The trombone player is HOT! Got back to hall late, about 2am? Was in a really bad way by then. Lost my voice completely due to the horrid sore throat that was getting worse by the minute. Went to bed, was shivering. Had a bad fever. Wanted to go to the doctor, but it was 3am in the morning. Didn't know who to call. Called Lester but he switched off his phone. Had no one else to call, so I went to sleep with a fever-ice-pack on my forehead.

Posted at 2/15/2004 10:05:08 pm by daphne
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Saturday, February 07, 2004
Home and Scrabble...

I'm so tired... Lazy to blog. Haha. Okay, had a good rest while I was at home. Rested, ate, watched TV, studied, read some of the book that Alvin loaned to me (Autobiography of a One Year Old) which is really hilarious, and even managed to do some shopping! Amazing, isn't it? Haha.

Anyway, I missed home alot. I missed my bed. I miss the cleanliness of my own bathroom.

Let's digress a little. Let me tell you why I love my bathroom. It's dry most of the time, and it's used only by my sisters and I, which means that no such thing as squabbling over whether the toilet seat should be left up or down. The mirror in my bathroom rocks cos I look pretty in it! *laughs* There's lots of sunlight from the window. I can read in my bathroom. The shower is controllable - heat, pressure and water flow. There are extra tissue-rolls hanging in a pretty holder made of fabric behind the door so that we will never find ourselves in awful situations which include no tissue paper. There are beautiful framed souvenirs from Europe hanging on the walls. There are many kinds of shampoo and bath foams so that I can choose to smell however I want, according to my mood. Haha. My toothbrush never gets lost, unlike in my room at the hall, where I always misplace it. There are a million and one reasons why my bathroom is the best! Haha. Sorry for the digression.

Anyway. It felt good to be home. I've forgotten the comforts of home so completely. Mum's cooking is the best, too. Mum roasted a whole chicken for me to bring back to hall so that I can eat it for the next few meals. All I have to do is to chop it up, and warm it in the microwave! I even have gravy! Man... This is heaven! Haha. Okay, anyway, among my loot is also one whole cauliflower, 2 packets of meatballs, and a new cooking pot! *excited* Can't wait to cook! Haha... Yup, I lugged all that back from JB. Plus a huge and heavy gift that I bought on my shopping expedition with Elaine and Mummy on Thursday!

Watched Peter Pan while I was home. It was good! Also, bought Josh Groban's new CD. Have yet to listen to it. Brought from home my favourite Sun Yanzi VCD. Yay. Oh yeah, Yanzi was at NTU earlier tonight. She performed at EEE Nite. I couldn't go cos of stupid Inter-School Scrabble. It was a waste of my time. Shall not elaborate, but just know that I won one, and lost one game. NIE lost the rest of the games. Our players were inexperienced. No training whatsoever either. Wasted my time totally. I should have gone for Cell Group Meeting! Ah well, at least, since we didn't advance to the next round, hopefully there will be CGM meeting next week!

Anyway, I saw John Yip again. Recap: He's the captain of Hall 2 Scrabble team, whom I lost to, during the Inter-Hall games, remember? Anyway, finally found out which faculty he's from. He's from Accountancy! Haha. Kay lah, he didn't look so good today. Haha. He was wearing specs. The last time, he wore contacts, I think. Looked better then. Lalala... But anyway, I was watching his last game, where he was playing against this guy from EEE. John lost marginally, but anyway, it was a very very close game. Managed to talk to John... Yay! Haha. He's a nice guy. Okay, enough about him. Walked back from Hall 12 (where the games were being held) with a fellow Hall 10 Scrabble team member, Sok Chhay. He's also a nice guy. And very good at Scrabble and Boggle too.

Got a letter from MOE. It's a long and thick letter. I opened it and found alot of forms. Lazy to read through. Will just leave it for now. Got my DBS Bank Statement too. It looks dismal. Will not go through it either.

Walked past a friend's room just now, when I got back. He didn't look too good. Something bad's happened, but I don't know what. I just hope he will be okay. To You: I've said this before, but yeah, really, I'm here for you okay, as you were always there for me...

Been thinking alot about Ryan these past week. That day, saw someone wearing a red Manchester United Scholes jersey. Was painfully reminded of him. A couple of days ago, saw him online, wanted to message him, but didn't either. I hate cold wars. I hate quarrels. I hate him for being like this. Fine, go on and be that way. I can't be bothered. Okay, maybe I am bothered. But I just think of how stupid I've been to trust him, of how I always regarded him as a friend, and I feel hurt all over again. He betrayed me. And never said sorry, even. *sighs* I know I was wrong that night, to have yelled at him, but he wronged me first! So I will continue to be obstinately stubborn, and I will NOT message him, just as what he is doing.

I am going for BP-Mentoring in 12 hours time. Then I will be meeting my JC classmates. Can't wait to meet them, really. I miss all of my friends from JC.

*sighs* Hungry. The not-very-nice-tasting fried rice from Hall 13 canteen, which I didn't finish, has completely digested. It's more than 6 hours since I last ate. Should I fix myself something? *sighs* Good night.

Posted at 2/7/2004 1:37:07 am by daphne
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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Healthy snack of the day

Hungry? Get yourself a serving of low fat, high calcium plain yoghurt. Eat it with mandarin oranges. Healthy, nutritious, delicious, and settles that rumbling tummy!

*laughs* Been snacking on that all day.

On my way home from JP just now, I went to the news stand and bought a magazine. Stood there for quite some time wondering what should I read next. Magazines are an indulgence for me. Sometimes, I read so many that I have nothing else to read. I have read Cleo, and 8days' last issue was a 2-week special which I already have. Teenage was a no-no, and Seventeen sucks. I've read Style, and there was really nothing else. They didn't have Her World. Then I spotted Women's Weekly and grabbed it. Only on the bus, when I took a more careful look at the cover, did I notice it's feature article for this issue.

An 8-page sealed sex section. "Have more Fun in Bed Tonight!" it screamed in bright pink. I blushed.

But that got me thinking. Why is it that some girls get so angry when they find their boyfriends reading FHM or New Man, yet find it perfectly alright for them to read these girlie-mags which contain such articles? Aren't these magazines just as "bad" as the afore-mentioned 2 magazines?

To me, I find it perfectly alright if my boyfriend reads such stuff, or even watches porn. Yes, you read that right. Reason being that, even if we say "no, don't do it", most guys will take no heed and still read / watch such stuff anyway. So why be angry, and add more wrinkles to your face? Also, does it mean that they love their girlfriends less if they ogle at babes in mags? No. All guys do it. We just have to accept the fact. In return, we get to read our girlie-mags. So all should work out fine, shouldn't it? But no. Girls just have to fly into a rage when they find a copy of FHM or New Man in their boyfriends' possesion. Girls, loosen up! Trust me. After going through that "sealed sex section" in the magazine that I bought just now, I can safely conclude that whatever is in there is definitely more than what you can find in FHM or New Man, both of which I have read before, too.

Posted at 2/3/2004 11:27:06 pm by daphne
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